What are solar panels? 

Solar Panels Harvest the suns energy by taking the suns direct current (DC voltage) and converts it to acutal current (AC voltage), which is what we use in our homes, by using an inverter.  
The panels mount to your roof via a veriety of kits, which can either fit on the top of your tiles or go level with them in the roof. The inverter can then be installed in the loft or any other location within your property (including outside). 

Save Energy 

At Rollings EV we are proud of the Solar systems we design. We will send a full financial breakdown so you can see exactly what your predicted payback time is and how much money you are going to save.  
The Earth Intercepts 173,000 Trillion Watts worth of energy from the sun.  
That is 10 thousand times what the Earth's population uses.  
This means to power the average home (4500w) you need less than 0.1% of the suns power. 
This is the Power of Solar Energy  
Enquire today to find out how much you can capture  
Take full control of your solar and energy useage with the installtion of a Tesla Powerwall. See exactly what you are using and never have to worry about a powercut again! 

Call now and speak to an expert 

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