Andersen A2 Chargepoint 
A stylish EV charging point that hides the integrated cable. Unrivalled aesthetics and pioneering technology are showcased perfectly in the Andersen A2. The Anderson is the only charge point that neatly hides the cable within itself to store safely. You can control your charge points from your iOS and Android smartphone to monitor charging progress and track energy costs. 
This Chargepoint starts at £995, see below or get in contact with us for more details. 
Cotswold Oak Teak French Walnut Charcoal Putty Stone Laurac Sand Stanton Green Southbank Grey Ruby Malmo Blue Steel Nearly Black  
This is the colour/material range offered for Andersen Chargers. 
Please Note the Accoya wood options are and extra £140  
Charging Specification: This Chargepoint has the capability to do 3kW, 7kW and 22kW fast charging 
Evoflek Cable: This is a fast charging cable that is ultra flexible for ease of use. 7kW cable (5.5m or 8.5m) 22kW cable (6.5m)  
Electrical Specification: Single Phase 230V AC or 400V 3 phase (+10%/-6%). The supply frequency is 50/60Hz 
Cleaning: Inbuilt brushes clean the cable as you wind it back up after use.  
Light Features: LEDs on the front of the unit indicate standby, charge and error state so you always know whats going on.  
Security: This app provides a remote locking feature so it is always secure. 128-bit data SSL AES Encryption. Bluetooth has TLS Encryption.  
Nylon Coat Finish: Nearly Black, Steel, Southbank Green, Ruby, Malmo Blue, Laurac Stone, Stanton Green, Putty Stone.  
Accoya Wood: Charcoal, Walnut, Teak, Cotswald Oak (Available for an extra £140) 
Dimensions: 494 x 348 x 148mm (metal) 156mm (wood) (inc 5mm Spacer) 
Device Connections: Single band 2.4GHz iEEE 802.11 b/g/n. PSK Wifi Security Modules Supports Open, WEP, WEPI, WPA, WPA2- Bluetooth 5 NFC-A Tag LoRa 868 MHz interface RS485* 
Warranty: Lifetime Chassis Guarantee, 3 years Andersen Warranty 
Operating Temperature: -25 Celsius - +50 Celsius  
Operating Humidity: To 95% RH Non Condensing  
IP Rating: All Weather IP65 rated control system to EN60529, BS EN60670-1 
Adaptive Charging: Support for two external wired power monitor devices. This unit supports the Konnect wireless power monitor with 3 sensing inputs - coming soon. Inbuilt Eco generation meter with an accuracy of +/-1% on current and voltage. 
Konnect + Smart Charge: The Konnect + app provides these features: Remote Locking of the unit Charge Reporting Schedule when you want the car to be charged Charge power limit OTA Update Service.  
Fault Monitoring: Real time health monitor System. Upon start up it will perform a self test to ensure it is safe for use. Ground Monitoring Temperature Throttling to ensure safety. Welded Contact Monitor PME Earth Monitoring.  
Residual Current Protection: Internal Type B RCM (BCEN62020). 6mA DC protection (EN62955). Provides a disconnection from the supply via a 4 pole contacter. Automatic reset and Cloud notification.  
Plug Compartment: Magnetic Lid that allows for convienent access with intelligent courtesy lights.  
Device Support: Supports all IOS and Android Devices.  
Enclosure Material: Aluminium, Accoya Wood, Polycarbonate Blend (flame retardent)  
Installation: Indoor or Outdoor permanent mounting. Modular exterior and cable components. TN: Can be connected to PME Supply. Complies with BS 7671:2018, 722.411.4.1 (iii) Rear and Bottom Cable Entry 
Standards: LVD 2014/35/EU, EMC 2014/30/EU, EN 61851-1 :2017 , EN 62196, EN 62955:2018, NEC 625.19, SAE J1772 CE Certified UK 18th Edition wiring regulations OLEV 2019 Smart Charge Compliance. OCCP 2.0 Support.  
This Form provides more details about pricing. If you fill it out and send it all it does is inform our team of your preferences you are not tied to anything. We will give you a call about the information you have given us and talk about the next steps to getting this product ready to use at your home.  
Feel free to call us at any time for more details on how to get one of these excellent chargepoints for yourself.  
This chargepoint starts at £995 *excluding install and OLEV Grant*  
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