EO Mini Pro + Smart Home 
This EV charger is compatable with all Electric Vehicles on the market. 
The EO Smart home offers eMotorWerk's juice technology to give you optimum control when plugging in. Which enables you to benefit from being able to schedule charging and control your bill through the smart app. 
Having a extremely small profile this charger is perfect if you are looking for something that wont be an eyesore at your home. Looking sleek and small 
This chargepoint offers: 
3.6kW charging = 15 miles of charge per hour. 
7kW charging = 30 miles of charge per hour. 
The Smart Home enables you to connect to your Charge point via Wifi through a phone app. In addition to this the Hub offers Solar integration so you can charge your car through the energy you generate. This small addition makes your charger much smarter giving you active load balancing and direct monitoring all from your smart phone. 
The EO Mini Pro Chargepoint is offered in these colours:  
Register your interest in this chargepoint with this simple form below. Simply put your email or phone number below and we will get in contact with you to arrange a time to have a chat about your options and how to move forward with getting this excellent chargepoint ready to use at your home. 
-Please note- that this form does not tie you to anything and we will simply give you a call or email about your interest. If you have any questions about this process or the chargepoint itself feel free to give us a call when it is convenient for you. We will never pass on your contact details to anywhere or anyone else. 
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