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EO Mini Pro 2 
Compatible with all Electric Vehicles, controlled by a smartphone app that allows you to start, stop and schedule charging. 
3.6kW & 7kW From £645.00 installed (incl. VAT) 
Universal socket or Tethered (Type 1 & 2 ) 
Rolec HomeSmart EV charge point 
The Rolec wallpod HomeSmart is designed to be a simple EV Charge Point with an easy to use app designed to control the Smart Unit from your mobile phone, which records your charging history and optimisises charging for off-peak times. The Rolec comes in over 30 different colour combinations for your home. Available with a type 2 socket. 
Andersen A2  
This chargepoint is Smart, Sleek and Stylish. The cable is hidden away and stored securely within the unit.  
This point is compatable with all eletric and hybrid vehicles on the market.  
Tethered 7kW Charger from £1045 
The Zappi charger is used best alongside Solar PV or wind generation, using your renewable energy it will convert and use your energy costing you nothing to fuel your car.  
The charger sets times to charge at the most economical times at night if you have preferred economy rates. The Zappi can be used without renewable energy and provides the option for it to be added later.  
The Ohme Wall Charger is a sleek panel that has a 5 meter tethered cable for your electric vehicle. The Ohme Charging cable has a unique ‘brainbox’ which finds the cheapest electricity from your energy company. Our simple to use app then helps calculate how much power you’ll need for your next journey and then charges your vehicle to the right amount, at the cheapest price. 
Sync EV Chargepoint:  
-Out Of Stock- 
Sync EV provide a sleek and simple design of Charge Point with a competitive price. Each Charge Point comes with a 3 year warranty and a smart phone app. Sync had a built in earthing system so that no extra groundwork for earthing will be required. 
Tesla Wall Connector:  
The Tesla wall connector is the perfect chargepoint to pair with your tesla. The car and the chargepoint work in unison to give you the most optimum charging speeds for your car. Offering full customisation all from the touchscreen in your tesla this chargepoint completes your tesla car package.  
Can't find the chargepoint for you? Get in touch with us because this is just a small glimpse into what we offer. Get in contact with our team today and give them your requirements.  
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