After setting up our office for future customers and enquiries we were keen to take our headquarters off the grid not only to save money, but to set an example to our fellow customers and friends. The task would be to fit some Solar Panels on our roof which would then feed a supply through an inverter and into some battery storage units. On a bright sunny day, we set the crew to install our very own Solar Panels. 
The process was simple, after mapping out where we would place the battery storage and where the cables would feed through it was only a matter of placing and easily setting up the devices. Our Battery Storage were two 2.6 KW devices provided by our partner GivEnergy, which were a simple plug and play set up. This was combined with a 5KW Inverter. Upon the roof we installed 6KW Solar PV which took roughly two hours to fix together, a quick and simple fit before we soon had the sun's energy powering our office. 
At first, the volume of power we were harvesting was enormous and was a shock to us as not only could we power our office three times over daily we could also provide back to the grid on our estate, to provide others with our clean energy. Delighted with the outcome our Office is now completely off the grid and is free to run all day long, so every cuppa made for you is free. Our next goal is to run Rollings EV with fully electric vans which will be totally free to fuel from our Solar Panels! 
Our future is clean, safe and renewable! 
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