As the sun starts to shine more and summer sets in, thinking about getting solar panels and saving money on electricity only sounds more exciting. Getting to install in our hometown is an awesome experience as we are able to supply more clean energy! 
Rollings EV had the pleasure of installing an 8 Panel array on a semi-detached home in the heart of Worcester, just before summer really started to set in. In addition, we paired the system with an 5.2kW Givenergy battery. 
For this case, our client and us decided to fit the Givenergy Hybrid inverter and battery outside the house. This was the most efficient way to save room and easily allowed us to connect to the mains supply. 
The solar itself was comprised of 8 Solar panels on a south-east facing roof, generating 3 kWh. This system paired with a Solar edge inverter created a great, money-saving, renewable energy system that now powers our clients home day and night. Which is all trackable through both Solaredge and Givenergy's smart apps. 
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